Monthly Archive: October 2015

Europe’s Most Beautiful Villages

Colmar on the Lauch River, France

Oia, Santorini – Greece If you have ever thought about island hopping southern Greece, or taking a Mediterranean cruise, chances are likely that you have seen pictures of Oia and its famous blue domed church, clinging to the edge of the gigantic volcanic caldera that is the island of Santorini. Oia offers arguably the most picturesque example of the white-washed cubic architectural style found across a number of Greek islands. Known as Cycladic, the architectural style derives its name from the Greek island group the Cyclades of which Santorini is a part. Santorini was once a center of the Minoan culture, and the natural disaster that befell the island during their dominance of the Mediterranean, is believed by some to be the source of Plato’s legend about the civilization of Atlantis. The eruption is also credited as one of the major reasons for the disappearance of the Minoan, and changing the coarse of Greek and World history….
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Top Ancient Archaeological Sites in the United States


The following are a list of ancient Native American archaeological sites, many of them of the ancient Anasazi (known more recently as Ancestral Puebloan). I have organized the list by the most visually stunning and well preserved, rather than by their cultural and historical significance. The dominance of the Ancestral Puebloans is as much attributable I believe to the preserving nature of deserts as it is to their characterstic of building monumental buildings. Many of these sites have been protected as state and national parks and are located primarily in the Western United States around the Four Corners region of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona. If you only had one opportunity to visit these ancient American sites, a trip that covered this area of the Southwest would be well worth it. And they are within a 4-5 hour drive of three international airports – Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, and Phoenix. Mesa…
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Switzerland’s Most Beautiful Vistas

Stellarium and Kulmhotel, Gornergrat

Of all the countries I have visited, Switzerland leads the pack, in the amount of natural beauty it manages to pack into such a small geographic area. And the Swiss with their trains, gondolas and tunnels carved into mountainsides make it so easy to explore. But even with this added benefit, a lifetime wouldn’t be long enough to find all the beautiful vistas this country has to offer. The Matterhorn Region The area around Zermatt is a landscape photographer’s dream. Tucked away in the upper reaches of the Matter Valley (Mattertal), Zermatt is the gateway to an alpine wilderness of rugged beauty. Like much of southern Switzerland, the region’s history is dominated by glacial activity, and a number of large glaciers remain here today. Then there is the Matterhorn, which dominates the horizon for miles around. Here are a few suggestions to start your adventurers in this region. Stellisee – This small mountain lake lies…
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